Grading a Quote

When shopping around, please note that price is NOT the only requirement for a reliable quote for limousine service. Companies that ask ALL the questions are providing you with an accurate quote and the service will be much better. Feel free to use this form and point system to qualify the competition when calling around...

You will need to know...

  • Maximum number of persons traveling
  • Type of service (wedding, prom, dinner, anniversary, etc)
  • Overall time-frame of rental period
  • Addresses and times of pick up locations and drop off locations
  • Expected stops and time required at each stop
  • An expected budget "range" per person (fill the vehicle for the best cost per person)
  • Type of vehicle you wish to reserve

Questions to ask for an accurate quote...

  • Manufacturer and model of Limousine or SUV(Ford-Lincoln, GM-Cadillac or H2-Hummer, etc)?
  • Length of the stretch (60, 72, 100, 120, 130, 140 or 165 inch stretch)? 1 point per inch
  • Seating Capacity? 1 point per person
  • NOTE: Seating configuration in cars dictates what the capacity really is ("J"-8pax or 3 seat-10pax)
  • Year of Limousine?10 points for Current Year, 9 points for 1 Year Old, 8 points for 2 Years Old, etc.
  • Vehicle storage? Inside; 10 points, Sometimes Inside; 5 points, Outside; 0 points
  • NOTE: This will help determine the condition of the vehicle.
  • Can we view this vehicle, VIN #, and storage facility? 5 points if satisfactory upon inspection
  • Years present company has been in service? 1 point per year
  • NOTE: Do NOT include experience or merged company years
  • Chauffeurs Attire? 20 points for tuxedo (weddings only), 15 points for suit, jacket & tie, 10 points for shirt & tie
  • NOTE: Don’t assume proper attire as one high profile Ottawa limo company allows chauffeurs to dress in dress shirt and pants only.
  • How many pickup locations? 1 point per pick-up to max of 14 points
  • How many drop-off locations? 1 point per drop-off to max of 14 points
  • 'Shuttle' OR 'Dedicated' service?
    • Shuttle Service: Other groups will be in the vehicle during the course of the evening. Minus 25 points for shuttle service
    • Dedicated service: The vehicle is always waiting and available for you during the course of the evening. Add 25 points for dedicated service
  • NOTE: Shuttle services are better known as pickup/drop off service without waiting time and will almost always leave 1st group waiting curbside for later travel as most groups take longer than expected. Also, you could be held responsible for other groups damage to the vehicle during the course of the evening. Worse yet, your personal items could be stolen if sharing the ride with other groups during the course of an evening. Don’t be caught in the limo rented like taxi. This is not professional and could be more costly that dedicated service if you need additional time or additional pick-ups.
  • Beverage included? 5 points per bottle
  • Extras? 5 points per...
  • Is the vehicle stocked with ample glassware? 5 points
  • CD’s or DVD’s provided for clients use? 5 points
  • Live person on phone? 25 points
  • Professional/courteous consultant? 25 points
  • If leaving a message or contact by e-mail; 5 points for a prompt & professional response
  • Contracts provided? 25 points
  • Cost for the service (not just a price for the limo)?

Other Considerations include...

  • Overtime costs? Per ½ hour? Per hour?
  • Cost for extra items not included in package?
  • Does the company allow outside food or beverage?
  • Loyalty or referral program?
  • Delay of trip policy/costs (in-climate weather/breakdown/etc.)?
  • Required amount of deposit? Cancellation policy?
  • Payment methods/Balance due date?
  • Contracts, Contracts, Contracts???
  • NOTE: Why do we note Contracts several times? Several limo companies in Ottawa will cancel on you if they can get a better paying run and the usual BS reason they offer is that they "overbooked". In today's society with the software that all larger companies are using, there is no chance to overbook (or double book) a vehicle. And if they can't offer you the required paperwork to ensure the limo is available then you shouldn't be doing business with them!