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Lonestar, Miranda Lambert, George Canyon, Jewel, Miss Canada International, Miss Galaxy International, Primal Films, Alice Cooper, Bar Stool Prophets, The Wilkinsons, Chad Kilger (NHL)


Lonestar Trailer
Lonestar Lonestar
Lonestar Lonestar
Piture of us with Lonestar
Michael, Keech, Shelley, Richie, James, & Dean of Lonestar
Lonestar's Web-site

Miranda Lambert

James and Miranda Lambert
James & Miranda Lambert, Nashville Star Finalist 2004
Miranda Lambert's Website

George Canyon

James and George Canyon
James & George Canyon, Nashville Star Finalist 2005


Jewel's Web-site

Miss Canada International

James and Nikki
James & Nikki, Miss Canada International 2005
Miss Canada International Web-site

Miss Galaxy International

Miss Galaxy International
Miss Galaxy International Miss Galaxy International
James with Miss Canada (former Buffalo Jill), Mrs. Canada, Miss Teen Canada, Miss Toronto, Miss Ontario Southwest, Miss Ontario Midwest, Miss Nova Scotia, Miss Teen Ontario Midwest, Miss Teen Ontario, Judges & Family Members prior to an extremely cold and windy trip into Ottawa, Ontario for tours downtown and for a private tour of Parliament Hill.
Canada Galaxy Pageants Web-site

Primal Films

Primal Films
James (driving), Shelley, Dave & daughter, Amber Jane, Producer from Zombie Night.
Primal Films Web-site

Alice Cooper

James and Alice Cooper
James & The Father of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper.

Bar Stool Prophets

Barstool Prophets Barstool Prophets
James, Graham, Bobby & Vinny (absent was Glenn) of The Barstool Prophets.
Barstool Prophets Web-site

The Wilkinsons

The Wilkinson's The Wilkinson's The Wilkinson's
The Wilkinson's The Wilkinson's
James & Shelley with Amanda, Tyler & Steve Wilkinson on a warm Saturday evening following a stunning performance by "The Band"!!! Congrats to Amanda as the following week at the CCMA's, she was nominated for three CCMA's and took home the award for her new single!
The Wilkinson's Web-site

Chad Kilger (NHL)

James, Chad Kilger and guest
James, Chad Kilger and the winner of the Law Enforcement Special Olympics
Grand Prize Draw.

Chad & I co-sponsored this event for three years until he was traded by the Canadiens.