Hmmm... 50 transportation service providers in Eastern Ontario!?!

How do I to choose the right Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall or Ottawa limousine service provider that I will spend my hard earned money with for my special event?
Know the difference.

BYERS Limousine Service is a family owned and operated, MTO and OHTB licensed, limousine service provider since inception in 1995. Early on, we operated older vehicles like so many and were often trying to differentiate ourselves from the multitudes. In 2004, we began the quick sell-off of all used stretches and soon after purchased our first brand new custom built-to-spec limousine. Today, we continue to set the benchmark with new and sophisticated, stretched Cadillac DTS limos and sleek Lincoln Navigator SUV limousines for your special occasion transportation requirements.

Expect the best.

At BYERS Limousine Service we have always focussed our efforts as a "celebration" transportation service provider. We specialize in packaging unique limousine transportation for destination and local weddings, bachelor and bachelorette party rentals, birthday parties and themed dinners, romantic anniversary getaways, Canadian Tire Centre concerts and hockey game excursions, discrete corporate transportation and team building activities, casino shuttles and Prince Edward County wine limo tours and numerous other exciting events. Subtle differences in packages and company offerings can make a huge difference on the outcome of your special event.

Although many limousine companies use descriptive names to differentiate themselves, we feel that by choosing to utilize our family name, BYERS, is of most importance of our valued reputation. This preference ensures that our clients know that we offer security and quality capitalized by our family's name and that our clients and friends will be safe while being professionally chauffeured in one of our licensed, insured and well maintained vehicles. We stand proud to serve you with confidence, the discerning client.

Reap the rewards.

So many providers say they are the best. I'm sure in some way we all feel similarly but the discerning client knows we cannot all be "the best"... What proves true is through our dedication, honesty and family values and providing exceptional service, offering excellent value, ensuring trust, validating safety and oh yes... offering the newest, longest and nicest vehicles we can honestly say we are an excellent choice for your special event. Take the time to send us a request for quote and we'll provide you a comprehensive and detailed response that will exceed your expectations.

Know the difference. Expect the best. Reap the rewards.
BYERS Limousine.

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