You must know that price is not the only factor you should weigh before renting a stretch.
Please consider the following before putting your money down:
  • The age, cleanliness, & condition of the vehicles.
  • Proper storage facilities of the vehicles.
  • The years (or lack there-of) of ownership in the limo business ("experience" which means driving for someone else is not a reliable measurement of equality) OR combined years of service (i.e. purchase a competing service and adding the two companies "years of service" is misleading advertising).
  • The chauffeurs appearance, professionalism, driving record, personal CVOR, etc.
  • The company's reputation, safety record (corporate CVOR), BBB rating (FYI, Byers Limo Service has an A+ rating!)
  • Licensing requirements including CVOR, PVOR, city licenses, etc. (not only are company's required to possess licenses in the municipality they operate out of (where req'd) but by the Government of Ontario's (OHTB).
  • The package and options included with the service.
  • Contracts, contracts, contracts!!!
  • The detail of the estimate or quote. We prefer written documentation so our clients can review the discussion. It's not a quote if it's over the phone; that would be an estimate!
If the competition is upset, it's because you know the TRUTH!!!
  • Take a close look at the SUV's you are considering before renting! Some try to "sell you" that a Ford Excursion limo is a new/recently modified vehicle. Ford discontinued that chassis back in 2005.
  • Take a close look at the center window(s) in an SUV. Some are only stretched 120" and claim to seat 14 people. A 120" stretch can only seat 8-9 comfortably and legally! A Byers Lincoln Navigator is stretched 140" for 12-14 passengers.
  • Byers limos are all-white; no black (tuxedo) roof.
  • Some will tell you that an Ottawa limo is only licensed for 8 passengers... Yes, that is true but what they don't tell you is that Byers SUV limos are plated & licensed as "busses" allowing them to be stretched longer and carry more persons legally!
  • Byers offers you the newest, nicest, longest available and most seating capacity!!!
  • Several services in Eastern Ontario offer "new" limousines that are in actuality more than 5-7 years old. A 10 year old limo is not new! A "new" limo is generally less than 2 years old and "current" is not more than 5 years old. At Byers, we update our fleet regularly to ensure no-one can have the edge on BYERS Limousine...
  • Also, a few limo services in Eastern Ontario offer 8 passenger Lincoln limos and call them 10 passenger limousines. Is the long rear seat in a "J" seat formation? This is NOT a 10 passenger stretched limo. You need to rent a Cadillac (stretched 130" rather than Lincoln's 120") and have a 3-seat interior for the capacity of 10 people legally! Call us and we'll explain the difference...
  • Next time you're around a limo, pay particular attention to the chauffeur for open shirt collars(no tie), hidden cigarette(in hand) while opening the door, or mismatched outfits. BYERS Limousine is very strict on chauffeur attire, etiquette and safe driving records.
  • At BYERS limousine, we have poured our lives into the limousine industry since 1995. It's sad to see how others try to trick the unsuspecting client!
  • Why lie??? Trying to get clients they never should have had.
Why must I tell you? You need to know the truth when comparing services!!!
Want to know how to Grade a Quote? Click Here to read how!
Read our FAQ section on other company's tricks!
Just thought that you should know the truth!!!